How To Cover A Tattoo For Laser Hair Removal

How To Cover A Tattoo For Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure meant to remove hair, and if this type of laser comes in contact with your tattoos, it could lead to some serious damage. , if these therapies are stopped before finishing their course they will likely trigger remaining responses including inflammation at websites where tattoos were.

Permanent Tattoo Removal Simply Better Skin from

A common question many people have during the consultation is whether the treatment is compatible with tattoos. Prior to the procedure you will need to inform your doctor or esthetician if you have any tattoo on your skin or close to the area where you desire to remove hair. The laser technician will have to make a template to cover the tattooed area, so it doesn’t come in contact with the laser.

And, You Should Wear Sunblock (Spf 25+) Any Time You Go Outside.

Regardless of the type of laser being used for laser hair removal—whether an alexandrite, yag, etc. So you have to choose. If you have a small tattoo we would recommend applying a plaster to cover the area before you come in for treatment.

Be Sure To Ask About It During Your Consult.

The treatment bed should be a clean environment. Tattoo removal is often done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. They will also ensure that there is at least two to three centimetres of distance between the treated parts and the tattoo.

You Can Cover The Tattoo With Either A Nude Colored Bandaid Or White Medical Tape.

This protects the art and avoids the risk of incurring blisters. In either case, the tattoo requires several treatments and multiple visits. Tattoo's should be completely covered when doing laser hair removal.

For Larger Tattoos You Do Not Have To Cover Them, We Can Just Take Care To Avoid These During Treatment.

The esthetician will then mark off the areas where the tattoos are, or cover it up to protect and to ensure that the laser goes nowhere near the tattoo. If you still want to do laser hair removal and you have a tattoo, some experienced practitioners can make a safe, thick, custom cover for your tattoo, and then target the surrounding. If you’re trying to keep your tattoo but get rid of the surrounding hair, you licensed medical laser technician will likely create a template to place over your ink.

Sun Exposure Is One Of The Worst Things For The Skin After Laser Removal.

Can i have laser hair removal without damaging the tattoo? In fact, the process would be very painful, and the resulting wound would blister. The tattoo must be covered with a template or a.

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