How To Cover Wire Shelves With Contact Paper

How To Cover Wire Shelves With Contact Paper. If you’re using contact paper, simply place your contact paper onto the foam board (if you struggle with contact paper, take a look at my tutorial). Wire shelving turned upside down makes a great shoe rack.

FakeIt Frugal DIY Wire Shelf Liner from

This is so i could wrap the wrapping paper over the front side edges of the foam board. What really sets these liners apart from others is they can be used on regular shelving and wire shelving. Try to smooth out any bubbles along the way.

Take The Backing Off Of Your Contact Liner Paper And Carefully Place It On Your Shelf.

Paint shelves that are not detachable from their brackets with a brush or roller. *this is not a sponsored video. How to cover wire shelves.

The Reason For This Is So You Can Get Your Pattern Straight, And Lined Up Appropriately.

Take out a wire or two to make space for the end of a drill. How do you cover shelves with contact paper? How do you paint chrome wire shelves?

This Whole Thing Will Act As A “Cover” For The Wire Shelves.

Cut your shelf liner with plenty of space to wrap around the sides. It can enhance an existing color scheme or set the tone for a new one. Cut your contact paper to fit all the way around all sides of your shelf liner (because you can see the underside through the wires).

Wire Shelving Turned Upside Down Makes A Great Shoe Rack.

This is so i could wrap the wrapping paper over the front side edges of the foam board. Using binder clips, adhere your wrapping paper to the foam board. Line the paper up with the back edge and the wall.

Wire Shelving For Rakes And Shovels.

Allow the paint to dry between each coat. Spray multiple coats of paint on the surface until you reach the degree of coverage you desire. Go over the liner with a squeegee to eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles.

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