How To Measure Rice With Finger

How To Measure Rice With Finger. This method seems accurate for almost any quantity of rice, although fingers do vary. You can adjust this water level as desired for red and black rice which might need a little more water than white or brown.

This Secret Trick to Getting Fluffy Rice Doesn't Require from

To measure the right amount of fruit to be eaten during the day. The size of a hand. Measure the quantity of rice in the pot with your index finger (straight) from the bottom to the surface.

You Can Adjust This Water Level As Desired For Red And Black Rice Which Might Need A Little More Water Than White Or Brown.

This way, you won’t even need to use cups to measure your rice nor your water. Cooking rice asian’s finger method. The water should reach the line of your first knuckle on the inside of your finger.

Level It Out And Place Your Index Finger So That It Is Touching The Surface Of The Rice.

Also works in a rice cooker. Make sure the rice is level. Place your fingertip on top of the rice and add water until it reaches your first knuckle.

Add Enough Water To Just Cover The Rice;

Then cook as you usually do, whether that's on the stove or in a rice cooker. How to measure rice with finger. The same measure you just noted is the same amount of water to add.

With Your Finger 😯⁠ ⁠.It's A Thing!!

Pour the rice into the pan you’re going to cook it in. The correct amount of water is reached when you touch the rice with the tip of your index finger, and the water level rises to your first knuckle. Place your fingers on the rice and fill them with water up to the first joint of your middle finger.

The Trick Works Regardless Of Finger Size Or Grain Length.

Use the knuckle method to measure this by placing the tip of your middle finger gently on top of the rice. A commonly known method amongst asian households is the finger method or knuckle method of rice cooking. Measure water to first knuckle 3.

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