How To Put A Clarinet Mouthpiece Together

How To Put A Clarinet Mouthpiece Together. Finally, attach the mouthpiece and then align the flat portion of the mouthpiece, called the facing, with the register key on the underside of the clarinet. Although this is part of the lj hutchen book series, the assembly instructions will work with virtually any brand clarinet.

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The purpose of the ligature is to hold the reed in place and its placement and tightness determines the pressure placed on the reed, which influences the sound quality. To attach the reed to the clarinet, place it on your mouth to moisten it. Place the ligature on the mouthpiece;

Place The Ligature On The Mouthpiece;

The flat side of the mouthpiece should line up with the back of the clarinet (the part with the fewest keys). The bridge keys between the upper and lower joint must align so that the key rings on both joints function correctly. The mouthpiece, barrel, upper joint, lower joint, and bell.

Place The Reed On The Mouthpiece So The Flat Side Of The Reed Is Against The Mouthpiece Opening.

Remove the reed from your mouth and slide it down between the mouthpiece and the ligature. Put the neck strap on; A student clarinet will often use a mouthpiece that is made of plastic and therefore is durable and affordable.

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Place the reed on the mouthpiece; If you have a new clarinet that has never been assembled, plea. The bell and barrel have nothing to align.

The Purpose Of The Ligature Is To Hold The Reed In Place And Its Placement And Tightness Determines The Pressure Placed On The Reed, Which Influences The Sound Quality.

In this video we demonstrate the best way for a student to assemble a mouthpiece and clarinet. Hold the left hand (top joint) still. The clarinet is comprised of five parts from top to bottom:

Start By Taking Off The Mouthpiece Cap Then Leave The Ligature Off Until It Is Time To Put The Reed On.

Garthoff(@mrgsbandroom), amabelsmusic(@amabelsmusic), quickstart clarinet(@quickstartclarinet), san marino music cen(@sanmarinomusiccenter), vicaroni and koolaid(@vic_koolaid3000). Musical instrument hire use yamaha, buffet and jupiter. Twist the mouthpiece until the hole in the mouthpiece is aligned with the back key on the upper joint.

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