Idle Hands Movie Quotes

Idle Hands Movie Quotes. I mean, there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, right, and there was these chicks' voices, and that music. The best stuff in the entire movie comes when anton cuts off his hand, puts it in a microwave and cooks it until it's destroyed.

Although it has been said that idle hands are the devil's from

Don't take this the wrong way, but you look queer doing that. Fox (debi lecure) and jessica alba (molly) in her. The movie was a commercial flop, but has.

Actor, Scriptwriter, Film Producer, Musician.

[anton and the hand fight] you should learn not to cut off the hand that feeds you anton!!! Yeah, well, we weren't in hell! [anton punches the hand who is still in the puppet outfit, then pins him to the floor.] eat this b*tch!!!

“F Ools Fold Their Idle Hands, Leading Them To Ruin.” And Yet, “Better To Have One Handful With Quietness Than Two Handfuls With Hard Work And Chasing The Wind.” 4.

“idleness is sweet, and its consequences are cruel.”. A 1999 horror comedy, starring devon sawa (anton tobias), seth green (mick), elden henson (pnub), vivica a. Best idle hands quotes “idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” ~ benjamin franklin “the devil finds work for idle hands.” ~ henry david thoreau

What, You Mean The Hand?

I'm gonna f*** you up!!! Yeah, kinda uncool music, like, enya. 'idle hands are the devil's workshop,'.

I Mean, There Was This Bright White Light At The End Of A Long Tunnel, Right, And There Was These Chicks' Voices, And That Music.

“ idle hands are the devil’s playthings. Who's you daddy now b*tch? “there are two kinds of.

Anton Tobias Is A Typical Lazy Stoner.

“the devil finds work for idle hands.”. So do you, like, knit now? Of course i mean the hand!

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