Choose Street in 2020!

Choose Street in 2020!

Choose Street in 2020!Choose Street in 2020!Choose Street in 2020!

You DESERVE to know how YOUR money is spent!


Who is street?

I am a fiscal, moral and social conservative that wants to serve YOU as your next North Carolina State Auditor! My name will appear on your Primary Ballot in 2020. I would greatly appreciate your support!


My friends and fellow North Carolinians:

I appreciate this opportunity to announce my interest in serving as your State Auditor and explain why I will seek that office in 2020. As a North Carolina native and a resident of Brunswick County, I have watched our state’s economy change from one based almost solely upon farming and textiles to one that depends largely upon finance, technology and research. Our state has also experienced cultural and demographic shifts that have been influenced by the changes in our economy. While our urban centers have experienced rapid growth in economy and population, many of our smaller towns have suffered from the loss of both because of NAFTA.

For me, North Carolina is the greatest state in America because of WE the citizens, the hardworking tax payers that have made it that way, yet we need growth in production. If elected I will use the office of State Auditor to ensure that all of our state’s agencies spend our tax dollars in the most conservative, effective and efficient manner as possible. 

It has always been my desire to be a public servant that fights for the citizens of North Carolina. That was the motivating factor when I began pursuing graduating from UNC-Wilmington. Later I obtained a master’s in Public Administration at UNC-Pembroke. Since that time I have worked in the fields of nuclear security, commercial fishing and operating a small business. I also own a small farm in Sampson County.

My academic experience helped prepare me to serve in administrative and leadership roles where public affairs must be managed, budgets drafted and economic & finance decisions made. I was enriched with the skills needed to analyze as well as write and implement public policies and make human resource and organizational decisions. My professional experience has further honed those skills.

My career in public service has included having the honor of serving on the Brunswick County Soil and Water Board where I am currently in my second term of office. My fellow board members and I have worked tirelessly to help preserve the backbone of our state's economy by ensuring that taxpayer’s dollars were invested in a manner in which financial benefits and returns would not only be guaranteed but maximized by committing spending to increase agricultural production while also promoting conservation and education.

Both my education and experience as a public servant have prepared me for further service to you. I will continue to travel around the state speaking with you, explaining why I am seeking this office while listening to your interests and concerns.

If elected to the office of State Auditor, I will work tirelessly to serve the needs of the citizens of North Carolina. I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you!


                                                                                                                Thank You Sincerely,


                                                                                                                    Anthony Street                                                                                             


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